Who Do You Think You Are

It's about being known for who you are, not just what you do.

God is Pleased With His Own

Before you "do" anything "for" God, you have to know that He likes you for who you are, first.

God Wants To Bless You!

God's love for us has been demonstrated throughout history, and He is still in pursuit of our hearts

Top 5 Truths About Lies

The irrefutable consequences of telling and/or believing in lies.

How To Be ALOT Less Religious!

Get rid of the "supposed to be" and "have to be" of life - and love Him.

Let Go & Let God . . . Sort Of . . .

If our desire is to truly know God's heart, we have to let Him reveal Himself.

Friendship or Servitude?

God doesn't NEED more servants. He WANTS more friends.

Jesus Is WAY Fun!

Jesus is a million times more fun than He is angry.

God Is NOT Mad At You

God loves you. God wants you. God died for you. He is not angry.