Posted by Devin on October 16, 2016

The Only Story That Matters


You know what? Everyone has a good story to their life. Everyone has a bad one. Everyone has a horrifying and an ecstatic experience to share with a world that would draw a crowd, make you feel validated, even vindicated. People (in your camp) can cheer you on and say, “You’re awesome,” and “I love you.” But at the end of the day, and at the end of your life, there is only going to be one story that EVER matters: Do you know the Lord?


Are you a religious Christian? Not good enough.


Are you a “good” person, maybe even politically active (oooohhhh) sorry! Not good enough.


Everyone has an audience for their story that will get people to affirm them, or hate them, or not care one way or another. But the big question, the ONLY question that will ever matter, is this: Do you know the Lord?


Does HE know you (not in a cosmic, all-knowing way, but in a relational/marital/in-bed-together . . . in other words known as the “biblical” way)? Are you a part of his story, a part of his audience cheering him on, saying, “I hear you. I love you. I’m going to obey you and live for you because I see how awesome you are and how much you loved and still love me to the point of pouring out your own blood?”


Do you know Him?


If the answer to that question is “no,” or “I’m not sure,” or “I hope so,” or “I think so” then all of your life, and it’s stories and experiences, will burn up . . . forever! All those cheers for your story and your cause will be remembered by No ONE! All of your poms-poms used in cheerleading your politics will disappear like flash paper – and then where will you be?


I will quote the wisest person I know: “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his life [in the eternal kingdom of God]?”


Facebook, youtube, blogging, and all social media is great for gaining the attention of the whole world, but does God have your attention? Because you certainly have His. But you can only live in rejection of Him – and walk and talk in the ways of the world for so long. God is not fooled by the things you use to fool yourself into thinking that you are actually right with Him. HE knows the truth.


Do you know Him?

Posted by Devin on October 12, 2016

Who’s YOUR Savior?

Is it your undying friendships?

Is it your family?

Is it your spouse who you cannot live without?


Who’s Your Savior?

Is it the amount of ministry years you have under your belt?

Is it how many times you’ve read through the Bible?

Is it the miraculous works that God has worked through your very hands?


Who’s Your Savior?

Is it the current or next President?

Is it the next deposit of Food Stamps?

Is it that new government-born agenda that is sure to cure the world’s problems? (Finally they got it right!)


Who’s Your Savior?

Is it the pride you have in your home town?

Is it the assurance you have of your own righteousness?

Is it your political ideology?


Who’s Your Savior?

Is it your Facebook friends? (who are those people again. . . ?)

Is it your Twitter or Instagram followers? (uhhhh. . . ?)

Is it your loyal followers, social media-wide?


It’s kind of easy to see where I’m going with this,

But just in case you wonder

There’s only One Person that can save you

From all the world’s woeful blunders


Yep, you guessed it,

His name is Jesus the Christ

He’s offering to trade

Your sin for His life.


You can argue and haggle

But that ain’t gonna change the truth

That the world is remarkably, crazy messed up

Deep, deep to it’s very roots


I can only speak from experience

When I tell you that God is real

His love, His life, His offer,

His answers, His wisdom, His appeal


See, because we all are looking for safety

A way to make sense of our world

So we come up with these life conclusions

Not realizing that most of them are illusions

All in an attempt to not feel lost in a world full of delusions


Who’s My Savior?

Mine tells the truth, even if it hurts

Who’s My Savior?

He’s the one who created the earth.

My Savior’s name is Jesus

And He’s as real as you and me

He is not just a figure

From ancient history

He’s real and He knows it

And He’s trying to get you to let Him show it.


He’s a better Savior than the current one you have…

Posted by Devin on August 12, 2016

The Great Treasure Within You!

Joseph had a dream . . . look where he ended up: ruler of the world!

King David had a promise from God . . . look where he ended up: King of Israel.

Abraham was given a vision of a land and a family . . . look what happened to him: His descendants are alive today!

Shall we discuss the Wright brothers and Henry Ford?

How about Thomas Edison?

How about all the great inventors, writers, philosophers, artists, poets, engineers, etc.?

The success of the history of the world belongs to one individual and one individual only:

The Dreamer

That person that gets an idea, a vision, a dream . . .

That person that sees what could be and pursues it until it becomes reality . . .

God has put great, vast treasure in all of us.

He’s put a dream there.

A purpose.

A vision.

If you find Him, you’ll find out what that is.

And when you find out what that is . . . your true life will begin.