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I was born in Chicago. Shortly after, I was fostered in Milwaukee for twenty-one months. After adoption, I ended up in Michigan with a single mom and an older brother, going to a different school each school year - sometimes two schools in the same year. No, I'm not from a military family. I Moved out on my own when I was seventeen; by then I was living in San Diego. I bounced around for another couple years until the night I met Jesus in an empty Food City parking lot. From that point on, He decided to take over moving me around - and that is when the real adventures truly began! To date, I have moved nearly or around 70 times. I've kind of lost count. Today, I have been married for 7 and a half years, I have three awesome little kiddos, and I live in Missouri - and will probably move again.


I began my writing journey in March of 2010 after a series of unfortunate events led me to a precipice called, Why Not, and I have spent the last six-plus years developing my storytelling skills. I believe in the power of the story, because it can communicate truths that preaching and teaching alone simply cannot. And it is my goal to encourage and teach and provoke my readers to critical thought, all through this awesome avenue of entertainment called story. I have been a TV and movie junkie since I've developed permanent memories, so it is not a wonder to me that God has led me into this adventure of life. I hope you are blessed by my stories to the degree that you might see the value of knowing the truth and God's great love for you!

Some Things You May Not Know:

Yes, I once had dreads. In the beginning they were extensions - you know, fake hair that comes in a bag. But eventually my hair was long enough to twist into locks.


I have owned nine pet snakes in my life, one of which was a nine foot Burmese python. He ate rabbits:python-1136012_1920


I have been a musician for 26 years, specializing in bass and guitar. I have written many, many songs, and I have toured with two bands around the United States - one band for a couple months, the other for two years.


Lemonade in the summer. Hot cocoa in the winter (especially Starbucks's Salted Carmel Hot Chocolate . . . oh man - the love of Jesus in a cup!).


For years, I struggled with depression and anxiety - and I didn't even know that's what I was dealing with!


I didn't get married until I was 36, but had been wanting to be married since the age of 17.


If I had only one super power, it would be a Wolverine-like healing factor multiplied by 10! In this way I don't have to pick immortality because I will live for a very long time, anyway. Snick!!

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